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one of the best swedish black metal releases ever. Full on speed and aggression. Manic riffs to die for. Mega classic of our time. Makes me wish i could play guitar, just to steel these songs.haha.

Review by: warrenwozwhite

For sure its the best DF albun by far ......

is the only one I think that have ture atmosphere in the sound.....

the others are all good.....but this one is special..
great albun ....

Review by: Sad Spirit

Very good debut album!!!!!! I think one of the best Dark Funeral has ever made.
Perfect vocals, which get a little boring after 4 songs.
Guitars and drums are good to, and if i listen carefully i even hear a bass, wich you can't hear on many black/death debut releases because of the crappy sound. Very Good!
Hail Dark Funeral!! Black Metal Gods!!!!! 9/10

Review by: Khold666IsGreat

the only good shit ever made by this bunch of pseurs..quite nice..the rest is crap!

Review by: the fog

Really agressive debut.Sounds like they playing in forest, but in good way.. sound is good but the feel is like it.. How many can do this dood first release? quiet...

Review by: MyDarkDesires

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