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Just a few words are enough: Boring as fuck!

Review by: Flix

This isnt bad at all, If ya like Dark Funeral's brand of fast black blast then no reason why you arent gonna like this. Some great tracks like, Arrival of Satan's Empire and Thus I have spoken, make it a worthy release.
Nice production too.

Review by: Vanguard

By far the best cd since Emperor's Anthems to the Welkin at Dusk.The torch has been passed to DIABOLIS INTERIUM!!!!!!

Review by: Darkself

This album is better than the other DF albums,still linear but the songs are better.
My Rating 7 from 10

Review by: todundtranen

On this album DF explore new ground and i´m not too fond of it. Great drumming by Matte Modin, otherwise a boring album.

By "The Secrets of the Black Arts" instead

Review by: Blasphemy666

dark funeral sucks, so do this album...

Review by: -l-

Though it's nothing extremely original, the fact that it's well written, performed and produced is a refreshing and welcome change. Straight blackened death metal, no symphonics or frills. In a nutshell, this is very well performed, competent, talented metal.

Review by: Voidhanger

Good album, a little bit boring, but some songs are excellent: The Arrival of Satan Empire, Diabolis Interium, An Apprentice of Satan. DF made better stuff.

Review by: Belpha

i don´t know what your problems are! Ok, "Vobiscum Satanas" was better, but this is still a great album, by far better than most of the modern black Metal records. The title track is one of the best DF songs ever. I love this one.

Review by: Necroking

for dark funeral this might be considered a good album
but i think its a peice of----- i have thousands of cds
and this one is at the bottm of the barrel think korn
ok mabey its better than korn but zyklon emperor dimmu borgir absu mayhem and arcturnus could kick its ass from here to hell (art work is good)

Review by: bill

intense, with great songs ('the arrival of satan's empire' its superb!!!!!)... but a bit monotone, specially when youre listening the last songs..
anyway, a good album :-)

Review by: Tomeu

notthing new under the (black) sun
dark funeral delievers what they do best fast, heavy but yet melodic black metal at it's best...
if u liked the privious albums you will love this shit!!!

Review by: midvinter2

Another sin... saying this album is boring....
Guitars, bassaxes devastation, VOICE like hell, Emperor Magus Caligula owns one of the best voices i have ever heard, this is black metal like no one other, different from all kinds of previous shit released by other bands, damn, don't know what's your problem with this great band... they make original black, little bit raw, but yet with some melody... never seen...
I respect your opinions, that's why i'm expressing mine too, every track is a truly hellbound...
You're giving bad impressions about the band... for who doesn't know them yet... ehehe, well, but that's your tastes... if we all like the yellow, what would happen to the blue...

Review by: Vampyric

Maybe is not a masterpiece as the two former albums, but is still highly excellent. They keep playing fast, brutal and dark music, pure black metal. This time there are also some slower parts, but they are really good and made me desire more of them. Sound quality and artwork are too good, they rest a little bit of darkness and coldness to the whole thing.

Review by: latebroso

Fast, brutal and fucking evil! This release from Dark Funeral is some of the way a kick ass album. The first four tracks are great, but unfortunately it gets a little boring after that. “The Arrival of Satan’s Empire” is one of the best DF-tracks ever!

6 out of 10

Review by: Demonheart

i must say that this album is very good and i have only been listening to dark fune for a couple of weeks i listen to this cd and bought two more and this cd is the best i have heard so far of them ;>

Review by: mutil8

Whoever says this album is boring or bad is a fucking stupid dumb shit. "Goddess of Sodomy", the title track and "Heart of Ice" are my favorites. The whole thing is so fucking brutal and relentless.

Review by: fosvart

after a long wait i felt disapointed with this album. i know that "vobiscum" is perfect but this new studio effort is far behind. the song goddess of sodomy is the worst black metal? song i ever heard. the version of an aprentix of satan is not as good as the one in the previous mcd. however there are 3 or 4 songs that are really worth of your atention but i wouldn't recomend this cd to a newcomer to the world of extreme metal.

Review by: grimfaust

A great album by a band that always seems kicked to the bottom of the barrel in terms of great Black Metal. Good production and well played. Worth a listen.

Review by: Sinbringer

This is just another masterpiece of THE masters of darkness.from the killer opener to the deadly title track.
buy this !!

Review by: 47

come on,
ok dark funeral aren't the "trvest" but if you listen to your music in terms of "true" then you suk cox anyway,
this is alle heavy metal, or more specific... a little more extreme..
just listen to the damn music and stop complaining about "studio quality", the quality is superb!
gets a bit monotone... the drumming isnt very diversified
but what the hell, do ur homework or whatever whilst listening to this satan shit!
dark funeral is a good band

Review by: shadespawn

I now Dark Funeral for some years now.And over the years Dark Funeral has attacked the world with high speed Satanic Black metal.And that is exactly what they keep doing.Most people who listen to Black Metal (mostly the TR00 ones)laugh at D.F. and say it's just mindless blasting.Well they are so wrong at that.

Diabolis Interium is a album made in the depths of hell. At the very forst second of Track one , The Arrival Of Satans Empire , you know Dark Funeral won't show any mercy.The opening scream is amazing!It will blow you away for sure.After this blasting hate track 2 , Hail Murder , blasts in.And again the song blast trough youre speakers.With a "melodic" opening riff that stucks into youre head for days.This is the soundtrack of the crucifixion of Jesus.Track3 is a slow song , yes a slow song by Dark Funeral , named "Godess Of Sodomy".The song is about sex ,sex and again sex.After the orgie you are face at face with Satan because title track DIABOLIS INTERIUM is playing.The prime evil of the album. The rest of the songs contiou the brutality.Some might say that this is one blasting piece of Black metal.Not really true there are enough of nice melodies hidden behind the blast-beats.

The albums is different from their "Vobiscum Sathanas" album.That one was a ice cold Satanic hymn.Diabolis Interium is hot as hell.

The production is just ..amazing...It's crystal clear it's massive it's not what you excpect from a BM band.
I recommand this album to anyone who enjoys Black metal.

Review by: waskara

All in all, a pretty good album of blistering melodic swedish BM. Unlike Vobiscum, this album has noticeably distinct songs and more tempo shifts making it alot more dynamic. Goddess of Sodomy is even slow for BM but heavier than sin. This is their heaviest album by far with some great tracks on it. It just wasn't as memorable an album for me as the previous 2.

Review by: shanewick

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