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Awsome, it's too short, but truthfully, the album is awsome. the lyrics are above-average, but not super-spectacular, I dunno why I like the album so much actually.. it's too short, but still. My fave two songs are definately open the gates, and call from the grave.

Review by: Ghaleon

"In The Sign" is an album splendid and transcendent, I adore his particular environment, it is a too short opus, but extremely subjugant, I don't why... My preferred song (which is also my preferred of Dark Funeral) is Call From The Grave. No words can describe what it releases. It is incredible.I also like Equimanthorn and In The Sign Of The Horns. Great too!

Review by: Dysfunction

I love this album, the guitars make an almost punkish but brutal catalogue. Gotta love the Bathory covers as well.100/100

Review by: fosvart

I don't like this a lot, but the last two songs are really good.. and I mean REALLY GOOD!

Review by: Hardboiled

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