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this bootleg was recorded by swedish radio and have a really good quality. really worth a download if you find it on the net since I reallt don't think you will find it in a store.

Review by: Quile

this bootleg demostrates what dark funeral can really do on stage... the sound is not one of the bests but is very decent... the only two bad points i could say about this release is
1) the cover is not awsome and here you will find only one picture of the gig of lord ahriman (i asume itīs from the gig).. lets not forget that a bootleg should include at least 3 pics of the gig (if itīs a gig bootleg).
2) between the songs thereīs a pause of 1 second, wich fucks all the vinyl up.
anyway if somebody still hasnīt seenīor listen dark funeral live, i guess then this is a pretty decent start

Review by: sahameth

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