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Great and brutal black metal from sweden. Secrets Of The Black Arts is with no doubt the best fucking song on the album, next comes where angels forever die.
The other songs arent mouch to cheer about.

Review by: Enthroned

The best of the Dark Funeral catalouge. The one that represents the band best and who made them famous (at least here in Sweden). I have always said that no band ever can mix brutalty and mysticism together as good as DF. Its total blasphemy and devil-worshipping all through the album and every song is at full speed on all instruments. Almost every song is good on this one even if many says that its a very repetive album....but df is like that. Shortly said: it kills and is a unique black metal classic. Fuck yeah!

Review by: natt

Probably the best Dark Funeral album out there. It's pretty fast and brutal along with fuck loads of satanic shit. The best song on the album is defineately the title track. Recogmended for all black metal cunts.

Review by: duplo_mccarthy

fucking black metal!!!!!!grat album......this is the only dark funeral album that I know if the others are any like this one.............

Review by: Sad Spirit

"Satanic Blood" is just killing me. This is such a fine song. This is a true Black Metal composition. Blackmoon's voice was the best for screaming this ejaculation of the Evil. Just fucking great. You could listen to it for hours. Penetrating your disturbing trembling mind. And also songs like "My dark Desires" and "Dark are the Path to Eternity" make the Secrets being sth special. Although I don't really like the middle part of the album.

Review by: Baran

This is the best album, Dark Funeral have don!!!
The secret of the black arts and My dark desires, are the best track on the album!!!
And the cover on the album, is so great!!!
Dark funeral are the beat Black Metal band from sweden!!

Review by: metal_666

Not a bad album,but not something outstanding either,just a bit above average...
My rating 6.5 from 10

Review by: todundtranen

True motherfucking blackmetal from sweden. Brutal, fast, and dark. Almost all the songs are excellent. In spite of the speed and brutality, they have raw, simple melodies which fully transmit the true black metal feelings. one of the best black metalans ever and one of the best black metal albums ever.

Review by: latebroso

this is by far the best Dark Funeral CD. It's has the best lined up songs.

Review by: EarthPentacle

For Sweden Black Metal album.Always.

Review by: Beyto

A bit monotone, but probably better then thousand of black metal shit of this days...Surley a fast and fourios black metal disaster!!!

Review by: June X

A good album, with a nice mix of brutality and melodies

Review by: Revelations

secrets of the black arts song is the best song in this album and a black metal war hymn is realy great band, this album have excellent songs, really fast evil and funeral black metal the only bad thing is that one or two song are similar between them, but in general is a great album

Review by: blot

This is some heavy shit, very fast and with one of the best title tracks in music. period.


Review by: Revelations

When I was strong in BM I liked this much. After the years I consider it a bit monotonous. But still very good choice to a true 'pure BM' fan

Review by: manos

Great powerful and damned album ... it(he) is very good!!

Review by: Maygoroth

If you like BM you own this album, this is one that has to be in your collection, the songs are fast and satanic perfect for a long night of headbanging and devil worshiping.

Review by: demoniacspitfire

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