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just about the same thing as on Secrets. but a little more creative. the songs have more quality i think.

Review by: Enthroned

this is the best album from the infrnale kings of darkness
really really fast songs
great guitar work, blast beats and really good vox
the only thing wrong with this album is that all the songs sound alike...but still this is one hell of an album
play this in your funeral!!!!!!!!

Review by: midvinter2

In my opinion this is the worst DF Album. I especially don't like the title track and songs 2-3. Well, not much is left, but still "Evil Prevail" and "Slava Satan" are great. Baran

Review by: Baran

best Dark Funeral album so far. Pure evil hate and rage, combined with wonderful melodies, presented in a thick and heavy sound. "Enriched By Evil", "The Black Winged Horde" and the titletrack are probably some of the coolest songs ever written in sweden.
Hail Dark Funeral. Oh, and the vocals are pure hate, too. KILLER!

Review by: Necroking

Oh well... worst album? :|
This album is simply great, but well it's your opinion.
I can't believe how could an album like this have 8.6 on rating..think that's a crime, cause dark funeral's sounds is very involving and catchy...especially this album... this is a true piece of hate, well done guitars, bassaxes, drums and a fucking voice like no other.... 10/10
A must buy... I couldn't live without having this album...GREAT

Review by: Vampyric

i love this album, evil prevail, slava satan, and thy legions come make this album all the worth! relentless, blast beat mayhem, demonic vocals and pure fucking satanic hatred, you must get! evil prevail. the best song on the fucking cd it self! ave dark funeral! ave vobiscum satanas!

Review by: fosvart

ANOTHER MASTERPIECE. What I said for "The secrets of the black arts" also applies here. The only difference is that the quality of the sound and the artwork is better. That can be a positive point or a negative point if you (like me) prefer dark, ugly, white and black, even crapy old-school artwork and production.

Review by: latebroso

wuth the hell!!!! things like that shouldnt be allowed to be made...that's SCUM! and if ya think that this is blackmetal..ya havent understand NO THING!......unbelievable shit!

Review by: the fog

fast and evil black metal songs like vobiscum satanas are really obscure songs excellent album

Review by: blot

This is great black metal for purists. It has the balance of brutality and melody missing from lots of extreme metal. Although the whole album kinda sounds like one long song, I believe this is due to the smooth flow between songs and the central album concept: well... Satan of course. The sheer non-stop bliserting speed present here is unmatche by even most Marduk but it is the melodies and vocal emotional terror that seperate the two bands. The black winged horde is my favorite track but they're all descent, if perhaps somewhat similar sounding.

Review by: shanewick

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