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This is a live bootleg recorded '97. Interesting facts is that Tobias Kjellgren(Swordmaster,Soulreaper)has replaced Ole on drums and since Peter was kicked out does Jon's brother Emil play session bass. The sound quallity is very good, but the mixing makes the guitar pitch go up and down on opener Night's Blood. The songs is among Dissections best, even though songs like Soulreaper and Shadows over.. are missing. I thnk there are a lack of live feeling because the audience can barely be heard. The song Somberlain is so fucking great on this album with a little higher tempo and some fantastic drumming.
This is a very good variation to the studio albums and should be bought by any Dissection fan

Review by: Sombre

This is fucking great, however at the start they must of had problems as Jon comes in about a minute later than he should in the 1st song. Also the levels are changed DURING the cut down in Night's Blood.
Anyway after that song it gets better, The drums sound great altho perhaps a little too triggered.
Great set-list, Frozen, Somberlain, Unhallowed etc.
This is a real must for Dissection fans.

If anyone cant find a copy then gimme a mail and Ill send you one.

Review by: Vanguard

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