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dissection!!! now before you toss this album aside by name of band take look at cover for sec, then go buy it. never actualy having this album (being one of those basterds who dl all his songs)but here all songs off it i say get it now!!! dissection is not very well known band, but if u know the work of mike an chris amot(arch enemy) youll understand jus how good swedish guitarist are. dissection is very impresive band if u get chance, get it!!! "where the dead angles lie" is worth how much albums cost thank u 4 ur time-goat fuker

Review by: goat fuker

One of the best live metal albums ever.

Review by: wintersheart

this is by far one of the bets live albums.All songs are well performed , Jon's vocals are perfect.may hes dark soul go on forever. Dissection really are the :
FROZEN WINDS OF IMMORTALITY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Review by: waskara

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