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So, Dissection - the single greatest melodic/symphonic BM band ever - is back. "Maha Kali" is a slow but great song, although I'm still confused as to how the hindu (?) theme fits their MLO image... "Unhallowed" is, as we all know, a great song, and this version is basically the same as the last one, with good production... Over all, it's a god single, but I'm still holding my breath for the full-lenght.

Review by: FatPete

I have been a Dissection fan for some years now, and what can I say. I could't be much more disappointed with Maha Kali.
I really hope that the full-lenght album will be much better.

Review by: black_fog

A slower At the gates.. im depressed.. This is happy music.. not blackmetal.. But as I always say, it was best around 94-96

Review by: dumme_birger

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