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The sound of this one is so extremely bad, that even a die hard Dissection fan has problems when trying to recognize them. Sorry, but this sucks..
Only interesting ´cause of the bonus tracks.

Review by: Necroking

I agree with Necroking. I picked this up not too long ago. YOU HAVE TO BE A HUGE DISSECTION FAN to appreciate this one. Terrible sound. I needed it for my collection, and it's interesting in the respect that it gives you a small glimpse into early Dissection. A word to the wise- if you've only heard "Reinkaos" and think Dissection is cool, do yourself a favor and get their other releases first. After you've purchased the complete Dissection catalog and still need more, then spend your money on this. Live on, Jon!!!!! HAIL DISSECTION!!!!!!

Review by: Pannick

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