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A melodic black metal, very good songs, a lot less extreme than S.O.T.L.B. but still a great album.

Review by: Sad spirit

Dissection - The Somberlain (No Fashion records) 1993

Dissection was formed in 1989 and after a few member changes and demotapes the
debut album "The Somberlain" was released in the late autumn 1993. Dissection is actually
one of the first Swedish bands which plays black metal. You can notice after just one
quick listening that these guys are musical genies. "The big head" in this band is named
Jon Nödtveidt, it's he who writes the most of the music all lyrics. The second guitarist
John Zwetsloot has composed and plays three classical guitar pieces which you can find on
this disc. It got also pretty good sound quality so there isn't so much I can complain over.
Buy it.


Daniel Abrahamsson

Review by: DiSsEcTiOn

This is a must have! this is original melodic death/black metal!! so wonderful! i think this album is better then the second! 9/10!

Review by: tompa88

Dissection's debut still sounds as fresh and exciting today, nearly 10 years on.
Superb record from a band way ahead of their time.

Review by: Vanguard

Unfortunately, I have mixed thoughts on this album. Half of it is nothing special and just too damn straightforward, and the other half is atmospheric and diabolical as all hell, coming off easily as some of the darkest sounding Metal ever. Consequently, it is in the latter category of songs where Jon's evil tormented vocals suit the music best.

Musically everything on here is competent: Oleman's skin-beating is a match for just about any speed demon out there, and the guitars have a slightly technical edge (although there are times where the riffs are way too technical and end up sounding pointless and void of atmosphere). Songs that are worth listening to are: Black Horizons (for the first 40 or so seconds alone!), The Somberlain, Crimson Towers, Frozen (if the Tormentor influence doesn't scream out at you instantly, you are A) a moron, B) haven't heard the godly Hungarian band, or C) both), and Into Infinite Obscurity. As far as I'm concerned the other songs are worthless efforts and ruin the grandeur as well as the consistency of the album.

Review by: Ankou

This album will always be in my top ten of all times. It´s the best Dissection ever released, so haunting, aggressive, rough and yet depressive, like hardly anything else. The sound is also much better than it was later on "Storm...".
It´s difficult to mention the faves, because there are no weak songs. Still, the title track and "In The Cold Winds Of Nowhere" are masterpieces beyond description. Perfect melodies combined with sheer despair and hate is what to be expected from that album, that was recorded only in six days. Perfect!

Review by: Necroking

check out the song the somberlain!!! really fuckin cool guitar playing in the first of the songs!!!!

Review by: passkukk

This album is absolutely beautiful...If I were stuck listening to one album for the rest of my days it would be this one.
The classical interludes are gorgeous, and in such perfect contrast to the amazing riffs that are portrayed on The Somberlain.

Victory or die.

Review by: Disemboweler

In one word: Somber.
The screams on Black Horizons; 5.33 min, just sent chills up my spine.
A really good album.
Another must...

Review by: lordzymosis

This is Dissection...So it's great. Buy it. This is not for posers. It is a mix with Thrash,Black, and Death metal influences, but Dissection have their own sound. What a great album. I can never pick which is better, The Somberlan or Storm of the lights bane. Dissection is one of the best bands in the world. Damn what a great album. Highly recommended for the true metal head.

Review by: wintersheart

I find that Dissection was one of the bands that actually contributed more to metal than MANY other bands out there...and yet they're not very popular. This band kicked it off with The Somberlain and the album is awesome. Everything flows very well and Nodtveidt can really create some melodic death magic.

10/10, Buy it now!!

Review by: MetallicOpeth

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