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Beyond ordinary black metal! With almost no keybords they make a black metal extreme( with some death metal elements)
but at the same time with melody of the new black metal bands..

Review by: Sad spirit

Dissection - Storm of the light's bane (Nuclear Blast) 1995

Dissection.... The best Black Metal band ever existed, here with the best Black Metal
record ever done. It's called Storm of the light's bane and released on the big record
company Nuclear Blast. It's very professional record and of course very professional played.
There have been a big music tecnical evolution, and that's good of course. On this record
they've got a new rhythm guitarist named Johan Norman. If you read the texts you will notice
that the singer and guitarist Jon Nödtveidt have written them very well.I can't name one
good song... They are all great!! When you listen to this record you will understand.
It's too bad that Dissection ain't exist any more, Nödtveidt is in prison right now but he
will come out in a few years. This is the best record I've got, and it will be your best
too when you have buyed it!!


Daniel Abrahamsson

Review by: DiSsEcTiOn

This is fucking great..!!!!!! Great melodies, dark vocals and perfect lyrics. It is a pleasure to listen to this album. Hailz to Dissection!

Review by: Zagule

The best album of all time
A must in every cd collection

Review by: stickis

This album is fucking sick! It's pretty dam fast and melodic. The vocals are dark and dirty, drumming is very fast and produces some catchy beats and the guitars show originallity. I think the best song on the CD is probably Retribution - Storm of the Light's Bane, which I'[m pretty sure is the title track. Well worth the money if your a black metal cunt who is willing to listen to something outside the mainstream. Hail to Jon.

Review by: duplo_mccarthy

Every song on this album is a killer. There is more refreshing riffs in one song on this album than on a whole album by most others black/death bands. This album is simply a must for every extreme metal fan's collection! Ten times more powerful than their previous release. A milstone for the genre, to say the least. If you haven't heard it yet, stop reading and go buy it.

Review by: arckangell

I just have no comment for this CD. I recommend it to everyone who's even a bit into black metal. The best of the genre

Review by: The Trooper

There are very good songs like "Night's Blood" and "Soulreaper", but my version of the best song is "No Dreams Breed in Breathless Sleep". Dot.

Review by: Punisher

Stunning Black metal, easily one of the greatest BM records of all time.

Review by: Vanguard

I read a review that stated this is the best black metal album made. I must conquer to that, it is the best album, work of art. but they're not as evil as MARDUK. It doesn't sound scary which is like a trait that black metal has. They are right up there, top not creation going on in SOTLB. anyways DISSECTION does kick major ass, 10/10.

Review by: hellboy506

Hail Dissection, the mighty kings of Sweden! With this record they have progressed into one of the genre's elite bands. Their previous effort THE SOMBERLAIN was very solid but with STORM OF THE LIGHT'S BANE Jon & the boys have moved to the next level. They have it all here, lightning fast passages blended perfectly with acoustic interludes, to make the ultimate Swedish Dark / Black metal album. 10/10!!

Review by: Craig Soward

Blech. This sort of melodic form of Black Metal lost me ages ago. Nothing is really worthy of note here besides the musicianship. The drums could use a bit more definiton if you know what I mean. And those melodies...fuck! They really irritate me to no end. All in all, boring from beginning til -- zzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

Review by: Ankou

Ice cold winds will invade your room when playing this cd.
Perfect sound gives an extra dimension to pure metal...
Not only the kwality but also great lyrics and music give this album a perfect 10.
A must have for all Metal fans...

Review by: lordzymosis

The most satanic riffs ever created.
Stunning majesty.
Only a genious can create such an atmosphere.

Review by: Grutle

One of the greatest albums ever made! Everything is how it should be.

Review by: goatlord83

This is Dissection's best album. The re-release with the extra tracks made it even better. However there are only a selected few tracks that really stand out for me; where dead angels lie, elisabeth bathori, and soul reaper. I usualy don't go for the melodic bands, but this i have to make an exception. It is very melodic in places, and sounds very cold and dark, which is the image the band is after. Even if your only a fan of the newer waves of melodic black metal this should appeal to you.

Review by: satanschild

Although this album is often overrated in my opinion, it's still very good. Parts of Unhallowed, Retribution - ... and Soulreaper sound a bit boring but the songs are far from being bad, of course. The best song is Thorns Of Crimson Death, that riff which can be heard after about 40 seconds and reoccurs several times is just fucking evil!

Review by: the_patriarch

This is a great and powerful album. the guitar work is brilliant, very nice and not as much speed picking,but still brutal. Jon's vocals are very strong and go with the music. This album is more technical than Somberlain. If you don't own this, then you should and if you do, then good.

Review by: wintersheart

Without any doubt one of the best albums on the matter!! There are no words.

Review by: sysiphus

I've seen these guys live on stage long ago in Berlin Germany, just before he went to prison(vocalist that is}, they were absolutely great. This band is a real must for every death/black metal fan.

Review by: PHOBOS

The best album of all time
Dissection my best band.

Review by: belgamor

Truly a classic and the crowning achievement of the black/death hybrid genre. Nearly ten years after its release, the album still holds up well against newer bands who have tried to emulate its sound.

Every song is a masterpiece in its own. Excellent song structure, lyrics, production and the music is just technical enough to remain interesting, but not over-the-top at any point.

Anxiously awaiting their new release now that Jon Nodtveidt has been released from prison. :D

Review by: ashura5126

with no doubt, AN ALBUM of and for all centuries...

Review by: luciferianlight

Amazing black/death from Sweden!Anti-cosmic metal of death.....

Review by: Hellkylie

AT THE FATHOMLESS DEPTHS is the best black metal intro ever-the whole album is good

Review by: iudicium

Awesome album!One of the greatest black/death metal ever heard!!!!!!!!!!

Review by: Hellkylie

rewiew also valid for the somberlain.
the sense of swedish black metal after bathory.

Review by: o

An great mix of gothenburg death metal and Black metal.drums-its killer!

Review by: Beyto

By far one of my favourite bands of the nineties. Excellent mix of death metal elements with black metal so typical of the swedish scene.

Review by: Asgaror

I dont think is anyone that dislikes this cd.i think this cd bring a lot of people into the black metal scene and proved that blck metal is much more serious than some people think, with honnest and true musicians like Jon Nodveidt. From the thrash metal of sodom and kreator to the black melodies and horror screams. What can i say,one of the top 3 black and not only metal albums!

Review by: sotiricon

This album is a big masterpiece, the hate n the perfect riff are just great, how many times i kill my Dissections CD? :p so's like a neverending pleasure each time, new discover, in all situation...
a good value


Review by: NJ-DeuS

Without a shadow of a doubt the greatest melodic death metal album every released. Night's Blood, Unhallowed, Where Dead Angels Lie, Retribution/Storm Of the Night's Bane and Soulreaper are excellently written and performed. Everything is perfect, from the beats to the riffing.


Review by: MetallicOpeth

For sure one of the top 5 for all black metal albums. The album opens up with nightsblood and rocks from there, if you don't own it buy, if you don't buy albums then stop listening to music

Dissection - Storm of the lights bane - 5 out of 5

Review by: Archon_Evil

just one of the best groups on the earth's face jon nÖdtveidt is the master with the guitar this is my favourite album, is perfect, overcoat the night's blood and thorns of crimson death-gorgeous and ole Öhman great with the drums i miss you so much jon, transilvania will never love you as i make. he was born from the flame, he was a too much pretty creature to live among us,he was too much perfect for this world. now he is eternal, everlasting, inmortal...he is hell's fire

Review by: mistress

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