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I've got this EP because I personally think Dissection is the best black/death band ever. After listening to it 6,7 times my review is:
The songs Where Dead Angels Lie & Elisabeth Bathory are great. Son Of The Mourning is a cool song too. What dissapointed me was the song Anti-Christ. It sound more like thrash metal...If there is a stupid Dissection song this is Anti-Christ. Anyway the EP is very, very good. If you're a big Dissection fan like me - buy it.
I just hope Jon Nodtveidt will come out of prison a.s.a.p. and....I dream of a new album :)

Review by: The Trooper

The best BM-album ever.
Very melodic etc.

Review by: Rietas666

Antichrist sounds thrash because it's a Slayer cover

Review by: Sami

This really sucks, I don't like it a bit.

People saying this is black metal are completely wrong, this sounds more like traditional heavy metal or something.

Black metal is supposed to be premitive, raw and fuckin' evil. This is just a piece of shit that sounds like fuckin' judas priest or something.

Review by: Hardboiled

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