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The first time a listen this album was a very good sorprise. The disc has great moments and very epic songs, song that could be in your top 10 list of all time. "Alive?" where Aaron from My dying bride has a great performance, and Silhouttes are my favorites ones. Michelle is the femele voice that hold you whit his beautiful and passion. She also collaborate whit my dying and anathema. You must check this wonderful piece of art

Review by: introspect

I agree, as well as this it's a very under-rated album. Infact an under-rated band that should have gotten more recognition than they did get. Both of their albums are excellent, Supurb Female Vocals from Michelle Richfield (now doing some vocal work for Antimatter), a good heavy (and sometimes technical) guitar sound, and excellent bass work! (Guitarist Mass Firth now in a recomended technical death metal band called Nailed).

Everyone who likes their doom should give these a go if you can find the albums. Yes they often get catagorised as 'doom' but there is more to be heard here. Check them out ! :)

Review by: Gavius

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