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alright, this is after mine oppinion one of the best einherjer albums of al time. its genius. it opens with einherjermarsjen witch is one of the most excellent things i`ve ever heard. ironbound is marvellous and so is the rest of the album, i really like wolf-age, its fantastic with the bow and arrow opening. buy this album, it will be one of your best buys this year, after omc`s in defiance og existence and some others

Review by: Theorgrin

Song Of Odhin-Fantastic Viking Metal-10\10

Review by: aismal

Ah man, this was really disappointing. Although it doesn't beat Odin Owns Ye All in terms of crappieness, it's still not a good release imo. I had more expectations of it after hearing the positive feedback on it, but I guess my expectations grew too high. Especially since I allready heared Dragons of the North and Far Far North, 2 killer albums. I still don't get why this has such an high score, way overrated.


Review by: sgurd

The best Viking Metal, and one of the best albums in "Metal Spectrum" in the last Years!!

Review by: sysiphus

I find it kinda strange that people like this album so much. It's an OK album, but it's mediocre at best compared to the older stuff.

Review by: PolSnoek

This album is so fucking exellent!

Review by: Empress

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