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I've looked for Adelain since I bought their 2 release, "We... The Enlightened". In my opinion this first release is one step below, yet it is a very nice album of original black metal

Review by: empio

This is the last album I bought by these as I already own the other 2. I put this album on and listened to the nice doomy start and then was totally blown away when the heavy bit kicked in! What a f**king good album!! Obviously I love the other two aswell as this one but I love the raw guitars on this one, I suppose twixed with the melody of the keyboards and the violin it gives better contrast.
If you like Doom/Black and Death metal I cannot recomend these enough, their work is nice and multi layered and their songs of a technical structure. I can't beleive they aren't more popular!! But then again their diversity isn't for everone, some people are too damn shallow.

Keep an eye out on for details on the new album "Suffering G.O.D Almighty", apparently with a more electronic approach I can imagine it will still be a blinding brutal album!! :)

Review by: Gavius

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