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This has to be the worst album I have ever heard.
After the great albums Adelain & We.. The Enlightened and the good album 12 Ablaze they have the nerve to produce something like this. An over the top electro/house combined with bad uninspired black/deathmetal. The production sucks, The songs suck, The whole damn thing sucks.

The Elysian Fields have sailed.

Review by: Ankrhim

On the contrary, this is a good strong album by The Elysian fields.
I wouldn’t describe their new more ‘electronic’ approach as tecno as such, it’s more intricate and sometimes beautiful as with all keyboard/violin arrangements in previous albums bringing together the Beauty/Darkness feel and texture to their musical arrangements as you get with all their excellent work as standard. A prime example of this is the track “Ravished with thee light” from this album opening with a catchy, almost faerytale melody but with harsh vocals and then brutally blasting your ears with fast technical guitar work and brutal beats.
I say (to the true fans) give this album a few listens and don’t just listen to the intro as you might be pleasantly surprised at what you’ll hear.
**** Another blinding album from The Elysian Fields ****

Review by: Gavius

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