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I picked this cd up a while back at my record store, it was sitting in the used section for $6(u.s.) so i figured "why not". I took a chance and I am glad that I did so. This cd is very interesting and unique. the vocals are harsh, the music very melodic but very fast and aggressive. The use of piano and violins work very well for them. This is the only realease of theirs that I possess but plan on finding more in the near future.

Review by: seyone

The Elysian Fields are one of my favourite bands ever, with Vinterland, Thy Serpent, Katatonia, to say some. I think that We... The Enlightened is one of the best album ever played... It is not easy to describe their music, it it SO epic, but also so sorrowful... Hateful yet melodic, I really suggest You to try this album.

Review by: empio

I haven't heard anything so good since Limbonic Art's "In Abhorrence Dementia". Fast & powerful but delicate at the same time. A masterpiece.

Review by: Van^d^all

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