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WHAT, how does a band go from anthems to this, this is not a bad alum at all but guys, you are emperor you can do a lot better than this

Review by: unicron

I consider myself a pretty big fan of emperor but was a bit dissapointed with this release. the music on the record just seems uninspired and thrown together quickly, very little flow here. just not their best work.

Review by: seyone

probably my favorite emperor record, they really show what they are capable of here. the songwriting on this record is great but not much different from previous releases. I really enjoy the vocal changes, ranging from your typical black metal scream to wispers to clean vocals. with the exception of the poor keyboard sounds I would consider this record almost flawless. buy it.

Review by: seyone

Fucking Brilliant, masterful compostions by the masters of the black arts!

havent you contradicted yerself there seyone???

Review by: carcass_alex

please disgregard my second review, it was meant for anthems.

Review by: seyone

This is not a bad album. They could have done better, but ohwell. What i like about this, is that the sound quality is fucking great! I still recommend this one!!

Review by: chemicalmind

I don't understand why they all say that this isn't good? The best Emperor album out there. My favorites are "Curse You All Men!", "An Elegy of Icaros" (I love the clean vocals), "The Source of Icon E" and "Nonus Aequilibrium". The album has extraordinary players, especially Trym. He's one god damn bastard battery beater. Combination of the legendary Nicholas Barker (ex-Cradle of Filth, current Dimmu Borgir) and Asgeir Mickelson from Borknagar. Band's final album "Prometheus" isn't good at all. It sounds bit jazzy and lame, and the playing of the album is lazy. But listen to this. Then you'll know what I mean. Trym, Samoth and Ihsahn's Emperor is one of my favorite blackmetal bands. If you like brutal, fast and melodic black metal, this is your choice of the Emperor albums. It's a must for all blackmetal fans. I give it 9,5 out of 10.

Review by: Blashyrkh86

Blashyrkh86 gets it right. But a few things more, "Prometheus" is not bad. It's C O O L ! And a few more good songs, "Sworn" and "Of Blindness & Subsequent Seers". If you're not into it, beat it!

Review by: Punisher

Released on Candlelight Records.

In 1999, Emperor released an album its true fans didn't like. I do like it. It fixes the hole "Anthems to the Welkin at Dusk" left; the sound. It's incredible sounds are one of the best in the whole world. Only Mayhem's "Grand Declaration of War" proves to be the best with Dimmu Borgir's "Spiritual Black Dimensions".

Taking as a fact, one of the best Emperor songs along with "Inno a Satana", is the underestimated "Curse You All Men!". It has brutal, yet melodic guitar riffs combined with strength and feeling. No tricky drum beats, they say. I wonder why... this is where Trym shows what he's capable of. Other truly impressing song is "An Elegy of Icaros", where Ihsahn's vocals are the purest and it's uttermost infragile and beautiful vocals nearly make me cry. "The Source of Icon E" is probably the hardest song they ever made. It's harsh drum fills are just the way I like, but the mood I love in Emperor is gone. "Sworn" has too much of that hard-working feeling, but "Nonus Aequilibrium" (by the way what does that mean?) has the tender, but NOT strenghtless atmosphere I love. "The Warriors of Modern Death" is the worst song ever created by Emperor, but "Of Blindness & Subsequent Seers" is just what I need. I has simply cool guitar riffs. In one album version, there's also a song, "Funeral Fog", that has been covered from Mayhem. And boy I tell it, it surely is astounding. It's a modernized version from the brutal original.

I know I have rewieved this album before, but I wanted to bring my whole thoughts about this masterpiece.

Favourite songs: "Curse You All Men!", "An Elegy of Icaros", "Nonus Aequilibrium", "Of Blindness & Subsequent Seers"

Music - 95
Lyrics - 88
Playing - 96
Singing - 96
Sound - 98

Overall - 95 out of 100

Review by: Punisher

I can't understand why you all hate this album? I think it's great... Great sound, great songs, great band, great everything!

Review by: Flix

well, it' s quite ok. but i like anthems more...

Review by: astathica

Imagine that Emperor got a bit tired of the epic attitude and decided to kick someones ass.
That's how IX Equilibrium sounds!! An epic black metal that kicks you right in the face!!! For this effect Emperor decided to use a much more direct and clean sound. The guitars are blasting and Trym almost pierces the skins!! IhSahn's voice is brilliant, shifting from a raw razor vokills to the most perfect clean chantings.
My favorits are... man.. I can't decide!!!

Review by: WeaklingAvenger

i have to agree with a couple of you guys up here. this is a straightforward asskicking album. curse you all men!, nonus aequilibrium, and decrystalizing reason are huge asskickers, and amazing songs. also the solo's in warriors of modern death are something else. this is like a step from the traditional pure atmospheric sound of anthems, to the newer progressive sound, and it kicks ass. i reccomend this to anyone.

Review by: frostdemonstorm

I have simply to tell a thing: if you are a really emperor fan you have to like all their album,if not you are not an emperor fan! listen better to all their albums and you'll discover they will be all good at the same level! in a word all music from emperor is fantastic and you are a shit!

Review by: impaled god

A pretty good technical album, though the voice can get very annoying. Not very black metal, but recommenable.

Review by: fosvart

i really enjoy these album,despiting the critics and the most of the fans,i found this tremendous.the technical guitar playing was definitely improved this time,and the sound is far better than in the previous records.maybe the atmosphere from nightside and anthems have been lost,but instead of that,they developed a whole new style.great record,and good year to release it..1999,perfect equilibrium!

*note=to the guy who asked what is "nonus"= is "ninth" in latin.> ninth equilibrium

Review by: astralopitecus

Its not their worst, but it is the beginning of the fall of Emperor. Its like they forgot how to write an epic album that tells you something from start to finish.

Review by: goatboy057

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