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A forgotten cd. When i first listened to it , i didn't liked the very growled vocals but after repeated listening
"sessions" , it grew in me. Doom-Death with some excellent songs, like Of Acorns That Gather and My Oceans Vast. Let's not forget that it is a british band that continues the tradition of Paradise Lost and My Dying Bride.Recommended!

Review by: toni t

all i can say this is one of the greatest callsical death doom band
they appear and disppear and left us this gold piece of true death doom metal
if anyone intreast and they dosnt know thsi band try it

coz really they awsome

sherif zaki

Review by: valke

i found this album at a used cd store and got it because it looked like it would be a slower Death Metal band. But i was wrong it was Doom Metal and it was very good. I just can't believe the band is no more and doesn't make anymore music anymore. It's a real shame that they don't i really liked the album.

Review by: cryingbloodevil

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