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A must buy album! For a first album it's almost unbelievable that Ensiferum can done a better one!
This one will litterally become one with your CD player :

Review by: abalam

An excellent mix beetween folk and black, from the start to the end of this album, no boring times. Each song seems better than the other and the mythical Treacherous gods (track 9) makes the last minute last one eternity. 10/10, a must buy for all that love good music!!!

Review by: abalam

Well, it's good of course, but not perfect.
There sure are great riffs (dissection quality),
but then there are mediocre/simple riffs, which tend to destroy the built up atmosphere (Guardians of Fate) and
get boring with time. Ensiferum have great potential,
and it will hopefully get better with time.

Review by: Grutle

Yeh men a fucking new great album from finland.very very good scandinavian death + finland folk and a blacky voice.For me an exellent debut album.

Review by: quorthonatwar

Every vikingmetal fan should own this one!!!

Review by: Empress

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