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Well, well here it is. It's about three years from Ensiferum's debut album and the long awaiting is now rewarded. At last.

If Ensiferum (meaning the debut album) was a great album - wich it was - I can say that Iron claims it's place as a follower of Ensiferum.
This is more folk, still less melodic (wich I see as a good thing), the melodies are there, as they should, but now they're more clearer and better. And they've still used Finnish zither, wich is great thing, it's Finland's national instrument and it's very nice to hear it in metal music. (I'm from Finland :D )
Back to the album, the Ferrum Aeternum is intro, but it's not usual sound collage intro, it's a pure folk song with Finnish zither and shaman drums etc. It raises atmosphere before Iron starts.
There are slower songs: Lost in Despair and the last song Tears wich is ballad. Lost in Despair is much like Eternal Wait from Ensiferum, but much better. And I think there couldn't be better song than Tears to end this album.
There's also a instrumental, Mourning Heart -Interlude.
Other song are faster ones, with fastest one Slayer of Light doesen't sound that much Ensiferum, it brings on my mind another Finnish band: Norther on some parts. But it's a good song also.
There's even some parts in Finnish in LAI LAI HEI and they sound just great.
My selections on Iron: Into Battle, LAI LAI HEI and Tale of Revenge.

It's sad, that Iron seems to be last Ensiferum album with Jari Mäenpää. Jari's guitar working & singing are unequalled. Hopefully they'll find someone with as good 'powers' as Jari has. Well, you can hear Jari on he's other band Wintersun.

This is Finnish folk metal on it's best. I recommend Iron without any no doubts to everyone who likes folk metal or melodic and unique metal.

HAIL Ensiferum!

Review by: shatteredspirit

ok, let's see. this album is a BIG disappointment. first of all. ensiferum changed most of their good things into bad ones, like the atmosphere, the vocals and the general sound.

this album only have a couple of good songs, and none of them can beat the songs in their last album. hm... no, the intro song is actually really good, but thats probably the only thing thats better on this album than the last one.

i didn't like this album at all. maybe some of you will but if you want perfection you better look elsewhere, this is nowhere close to the superiority of their last album, don't spend your money on this album. download the mp3s first before you decide on any purchases.

Review by: homo

I so agree with you. This album is amazing, great melodies, catchy riffs and solos. And it contains one of the best songs ever made, Tale Of Revenge.

Ok,hmm...I don't know what to say. I can't describe my feelings, just buy this and you know how I feel.


Review by: clot

this album is fucking rules!
one of the best viking/folk/war metal album
11 out of 10

Review by: mehkageth

This not only tops their last album, it's tops all Finnish Folk Metal I've ever heard (not saying that's a lot). I love this album and listen to it constantly. My favorite song has to be Into Battle, the chorus is just too catchy!

Review by: the agony scene

Well, i give 9/10.
(-1 for the bad(like pover metal) parts of vocals in song 3)
Hail Ensiferum ! ! !

Review by: indian_in_sword

With the fact that i loved their self titled album, this album is somewhat of a let down! It is brilliant in it's true keeping with the Viking sound they want to progress with but it sounds much to soft in its approach. Where the first album mixed the fast elements of extreme metal together with their sound, this one is leaning towards the softer side of things.
At some points it begins to sound as if they are singing power-Metallica-ballads.
It's not a bad album but it can become tedious a little unlike the first album!
Ensiferum are a great band and this album won't let you down if you like their vision and sound but it's not really an improvement on the first as stated! Just an extension and some what more in the Power metal vein!
I'd rate this one 7/10 for not that much of a change!

Review by: Der Vergawaltiger

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