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any one peak the ancient icelandic language?

Review by: unicron

THe problem with this cd is that its just too damn bland. Each song reaches at least the 9 minute mark, but within in that 9 minutes, there is very little substance. Every song has like 3 parts, each of which is 3-4 minutes of the same riff. Vocals are scarce and generally too dry-throated. The keyboards are pretty good, though, and they mix up the songs a bit. And of course all the lyrics are in icelandic, so that makes the songs less memorable. This disc isn't that bad to listen to if your doing something, cuz you don't notice the monotony.

Review by: the_fated_hour

A very good CD to follow the cult Hordane's Land album. This one is a bit "louder" and the rythm is almost twice faster. But still melodic and this album is the absolute provement Enslaved are the best viking black metal band around.

Review by: The Trooper

Vikingligr Veldi is an excelent album. The songs, altough only five, are long compositions very well designed, with epic and beautiful textures.
It is amazing that even with such long compositions (most of them exceed the 10 minute mark) there is a nice flow that sustains the epic and memorable tone of the songs, from the first second until the last one.
There are no weak songs here, but there are obvious standouts, such as the first two tracks, Lifandi liv undir hamri (Living life under the Hammer) and Vetrarnótt (Winter Night).
Do not expect to find quick and to the point songs in this album. All the songs take its time to develop, creating a phantasmal and surreal atmosphere that surrounds the listener. The beauty that such compositions create transcend the words that one may try to say about it...
Even with all the melody and beauty, this is an heavy album, with powerful and inspired riffs, wich tend to repeat themselves in order to develop greater musical structures.
The production values are quite good and the sound provided is distant enough to keep a surreal aura, and close enough to be easily listenable and enjoyable.
This record is without a doubt a masterpiece and I recommend it to anyone who enjoys this genre and music in general.

Review by: gloom

this one of the most representative cds of the old black metal school with long duration songs, monotony for fans of burzum.......... rrrrrhhh is a jewel

Review by: blot

With that album,Enslaved became one of the best and most serious black metal bands.They created also a new style,known as ''Viking metal''.This masterpiece will shine forever in the black metal universe with its power,the ultra-outstanding epic riffs and its cold,melancholic atmosphere.

Review by: Kvarforth

This is on my top10 favourite albums. Bad recording though...
Old Enslaved = Great
New Enslaved = Crap

Review by: gustav_

It sounds humid and waterish like few, the only enslaved album i can listen to from the beginning to the end without yawning.

Review by: o

created viking metal ?! are you serious kvarforth? Viking metal was purely an creation of bathory long time before..

Review by: tompa88

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