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ESTATIC FEAR: "A Sombre Dance"

Some people consider this album to be a better variant of ESTATIC FEAR's first release ("Somnium Obmutum", 1997). It's a little different thing, though (but I don't think the debut album is weaker). "A Sombre Dance" is more mature, true. This time there are no 30-minute tracks: instead, 10 average-lenght compositions in all, named "Chapter I", "Chapter II", etc., which speaks clearly that the album is meant like a book, or like a journey, with its prologue ("Intro"), its development, its climax, its anti-climax, and its epilogue ("Chapter IX"). A sad mystical experience - better understood when alone, the blinds drawn, and in a dejected mood. Superb playing technique - from the acoustic instruments to the well-fitting flutes and cellos (typical of ESTATIC FEAR) and percussion. The female vocals are also a forte, although personally I more liked them in "Somnium Obmutum". Best tracks: "Chapter I", "Chapter IV", "Chapter VIII".

The album generally sounds very medievalish and rennaissance-ish. All the tracks are uniform and nicely flow over one into another. A FLAWLESS MASTERPIECE!

Review by: Iskander

This is an amazing! It is soothing, relaxing, and creates a distinctive atmosphere. I'd advise everyone to get it :) The melodies are simply beautiful...

Review by: wild_flower

This is one of the most beautiful doom metal albums i've ever heard. Beautiful relaxing melodies, female vocals and acoustic parts all combined in one is all you need to love this album!!!

Review by: kiril

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