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ESTATIC FEAR: "Somnium Obmutum"

The very first doom metal album I heard. Actually it was "Somnium Obmutum" which ushered me into the magic world of dark music, opening up the beauty I had never known before, a different kind of sound, as well as a different lookout in general...

Only 4 compositions, though rather few for an average musical album, is not quite astonishing in doom metal (though even here it's nearer to the bottom limit rather than the top). A serene thoughtful all-acoustic Into performed on the Rennaissance-like lute opens the door out to the 'body' of the album: the rest three tracks. The main track (which gave the name to the whole album), being a little over half an hour in playing length, is actually not a single song but a whole self-contained album, with differing passages vaguely knit together by a common hard-to-define motif. With its harsh growling vocals, heavy guitars mixed together with classical-sounding instruments, "Somnium Obmutum" (the track) is by all means in the groove of the traditional doom metal; however it has its peculiar features, such as the deeply gloomy organ, the crystal sad flutes - and, last but not least, the peculiar atmosphere - evanescent, but characteristic of ESTATIC FEAR only. I was so much impressed by this 32-minute-long song that I couldn't help listening to it over and over again, finding each time something new, something previously overlooked, some deeper layer or by-text! The third track ("As Autumn Calls") is a kind of intermezzo between the two really long ones ("Somnium Obmutum" - 32 mins, and "Ode to Solitude" - 18,5 mins), which are very much alike in sound. Accompanied by the sounds of rain, bitter wind, a traveller's lorn steps, light pianos, etc., "As Autumn Calls" is very atmospheric, slightly depressive, perfectly sad and suggestive of autumn like nothing else in the great world!.. A 100% best fit to listen to when it's raining in autumn, and when the sky is low and overcast, and the fallen leaves are scattered about by gusts of dank wind, and the rest of it! "Ode to Solitude", the final composition, is, as I've said, very much like "Somnium Obmutum", or, better to say, like an offspring of the main track. Great music, again, and again - unspeakable sadness and moodiness.

On the whole, a 5-star rated album!!! Fans of doom metal are pop music listeners if they didn't hear this stuff!!!

Review by: Iskander

Sweet zombie Jesus!!! What album!! A real Kick Ass!! On this album Estatic Fear play something between Melodic\Doom Metal combined with Death Metal. The music vargue from melodic and slow to brutaly fast!! My favorite song is Somnium obmutum althow is a little boring becouse it is too long.Highly recomended to all Doom Metal fans

Review by: kiril

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