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Simply an astounding masterpiece, listening to tracks like 'The Religion of the Blood-Red Velvet' or 'March of Insurrection' you'll realize how amazing these guys were. All in all, one of the best albums of the genre for sure.

Review by: jhva_elohim_meth

The best fucking melodic death metal period. These guys were before Everyone-at the gates, in flames, dark tranquillity. Dawn was around but still not quite up to par with Eucharist. "Velvet Creation" is filled with classical baroque music and rhythm sections you don't hear in death metal anymore. The drummer Adrian Erlandsson is one of the fastest and most intricate double-bass drummers I have ever heard. He almost sounds too good for any other melodic death band. the vocals are raspy, low and high mix-similar to Ablaze My Sorrow's vocalist on the demo tapes. The esoteric harmonization created by the guitars influenced the likes of Ablaze my Sorrow, Dissection, Fatal Embrace(Swe), At the Gates, Dark Tranquillity, In Flames, and pretty much every band who knows how to play melodic death guitar. There is no question anyone who calls themselves a "Metalhead" must own this album. and good news-this is re-released on Regain (I think) from W.A.R. release so now you all can own it!

Review by: varathron

An absolute masterpiece from the most under-appreciated melodic death metal band from the early 90s. These guys essentially created the sound that bands like In Flames and Dark Tranquillity made popular.

As one of the above reviewers stated, every Metalhead should own this album. Hell, while you're at it, get their other full-length, Mirrorworlds, too. Both albums were way ahead of their times. Too bad the band was cursed from the get-go (they couldn't stay together...I believe they split up like 3 or 4 times). Would be nice to see what kind of stuff they'd be creating today.

Review by: ashura5126

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