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I think this is the best fear factory ever. This album has something diffrent to it i can't put my finger on it. All i can say is that the band has grown. The album is sweet.

Review by: voiceofband1

What's different about this album? Dino is gone. Chistian moved to guitar and they picked up the bassist from Strapping Young Lad/Zimmer's Hole.

This album is reminiscent of Demanufacture era FF, but with a more updated/modern sound. It is also the best release from FF since Demanufacture.

I'm glad with this release. It's definitely better than the piece of dog shit that Digimortal was and doesn't drag on like Obselete did.

Not a masterpiece, but an excellent album none-the-less. 8/10

Review by: ashura5126

They are back. Better than EVER!!!

Review by: cavaro

This is a great album, because its not boring like thier previous releases (after Demanufacture)and they sound more heavy without the shitty electro\interruptions.

Review by: Antikrisztus Wunderbar

FEAR FACTORY is one very good industrial band-maybe the best band in this style-up to 1992 used to be pure death metal group-since then they changed a lot,but still keep the pure agressive touch-so typicall for them.ARCHETYPE is very fast and brutal and the guitar riffs are so intense and double bass drumming is awessome . IF you are in touch with these guys from their first effort you eill deffinetely appreciate this magnifisent album.

Review by: iudicium

Fear Factory is from USA, and their music great!
Rhytm, guitars, vocals- it is perfect combination!
Perfect album of Fear Factory is dymanic, speed and brutal industrial/deathmetal!

Review by: metaldoberman

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