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this is still the best album they ever produced its the ultamet mix between industrial and death metal. i think this album will never be overclassed

Review by: ivo

A pretty good album although I am not a very huge fan of the thrash metal genre. The Opening song, the title track, is catchy and has the basic metal drift. The vocals are good as they vary throughout the entire album as do the guitar and drumming. I must for every thrash metal cunt!

Review by: duplo_mccarthy

The perfect medium between thrash and death, an excellent intro into the genre for anyone who hasn't heard much death or other "extreme" types of metal before (Got me listening to metal). Excellent drumming (a hell of alot of double bass), perfect combination of demonic and clean vocals, and some cool techno shit. THe first song, "Demanufacture", as well as "hunter-killer" are fast and bludgeoning, whereas "Zero Signal" and "Pisschrist" take on some blackish qualities with excellent keyboards. And "Body Hammer" has one of the most memorable riffs I have ever heard. Honestly one of the most balanced and perfectly arranged albums ever.

Review by: the_fated_hour

this album is so fucking great... just listen to the song "Self Bias Resistor" and you will see wath I mean.

Review by: NVE

Without any doubt one of the best metal album to incorporate industrial elements to it, 'Demanufacture' is this kind of records you can listen to a million times and still find it impressive. Awesome production, crushing guitar sound and impressive vocal performance by Burton C.Bell. This whole thing is very tight in his execution, and Fear Factory proves us here that they can mix trash/death music with an industrial touch without losing any agressiveness; it even adds some flavour and texture to this album. There isn't a song useless on this, 'Demanufacture' being good and tasty from start to finish, which is (for me at least) one of the most important thing for an album to be good and something like this deserve to be listened more than once. I don't know if i'll find it as good as I used to in a few years, but this is not the point, the point being that this album is definitely good, dare I say excellent, and you should lend an ear on this - for your own pleasure, that is.

Review by: arckangell

great cd kinda cool concept but i like the music better than the lyrics

Review by: jizzyfart

What a pile of Fucking Garbage. This album Belongs in a CD collection between Hatebreed and NIN and thats not a good thing.Without a doubt one of the stupidest bands of all time. You see what Fag factory are trying to create is nothing more than some lameass Cyber metal bullshit.Why make this style of music you ask? simple The stupid track names (Edgecrusher what the hell is an Edgecrusher?)and electronic elements are used to try and make up for the lack of real talent. If you like nu-metal or are Just trying to be hardcore go and buy it. No really.

Review by: Vladtrovert

Quite surprisingly, I like this cd... I'm not a big fan of industrial or however you want to categorize this, but for me this is one of the better releases in its genre. Excellent if you want to listen to something not too heavy and both not too fast or too slow. Quite accessible music without being powerless. And "Pisschrist" really evokes an atmosphere of its own, which I wouldn't expect from any such band. Too bad of its title though.
By the way, I do think the reviewer above is talking about "Obsolete"...

Review by: sarcasticon

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