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I guess we should have seen it coming. After a big break like 'Demanufacture', it's hard for a band to keep their heads on their shoulders and try to take your fans by surprise. 3 years have passed since their successful album (which sold tons and tons of copies by the way), followed by an even more successful tour. An odd and not so well received remix album in between, and here's the last full-length from Fear Factory. Is it bad? Not really. Is it good? Not Really neither. The problem on 'Obsolete' is that not only it doesn't bring anything new, but the old elements taken from 'Demanufacture' are badly used. The guitars may sound heavy at first and Burton' vocals may feel meaner than in the past, but after a few listen, the only words that will come through your mind will be stale, dry and boring. Most songs on this have no souls, no reasons to exist at all, as if they've been written only because Roadrunner ask them to put another one out right away. "Edgecrusher" and "Shock" may be the finest moments on this, but still nothing extraordinary. And what about "Resurection", the first single, who seem like a desperate way to gain money fast. Are they the same guys that gave us this masterpiece a few years back? I am afraid so, and this album goes in every direction possible without having an identity, like lost in the pack, something we would have expect from a first album, but after a record like 'Demanufacture', we just can't forget. You think human is obsolete guys? I think you are.

Review by: arckangell

another great cd nothing new but still a killer!

Review by: jizzyfart

OK, I have to admit, I only own this album. I've never heard of any of there other stuff. So for all you hard-core fans that base your review on past albums, I am obviously not. A friend introduced me to this album a couple years ago, and I instantly fell in love with it. I liked it even before I heard the first song. My friend showed me the sleeve and told me the concept behind the album; that it's written almost like a script to a movie. What an incredible idea, I find that very creative. As for some people saying it's dry and boring, did you listen to the same album I did? It's very emotional if you put yourself into the place of the characters in the story. They are fighting for their lives against an oppressive machine government. I found it to be very good musically, excellent lyrically, and excellent in creativity. I think it would make a good modern-day musical for the big-screen if given to the right director.

Review by: debo

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