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I got lucky & found this Cd at for 14$.
Deliverance is a VERY different cd when compared to Duke (Godkiller)'s previous works. This time it's a pure depressive industrial sound. Duke's vocal style has changed alot, he uses clean vocals all throughout this cd, they can be compared to the clean vocals in the album "The End Of The World". The production for Deliverance is Superb, every instrument is audiable & well preformed. Overall if you liked "The End Of The World" you most likley like this, but most people who liked the MCD & the demos will not like Godkiller's newer releases though.

Review by: Caverns

Amazing how twisted are the ways man's mind and thoughts walk upon. Beginning as a blasting Burzum-like Black Metal, Godkiller has finally reached a place where metal and electro meet and create a perfect symbiosis. Sick vocals (screams, declamations, whispering and singing) mourning the godless world and life's inevitable misery along with nice guitar work and of course electronics (yet everything nicely balanced) make this one an unforgetable lp.

Review by: grisnir

awesome cd. the thing I like the most about it is that with the exception of track 9, all the lyrics are from the Bible...who would have thought that it was so dark :P Totally kickass release, hopefully the next one will be even better

Review by: False Messiah

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