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Graveland has mastered the art of providing listeners with a variety of sound complemented by a rigorous adherence to both creativity and barbaric heaviness. Fire Chariot of Destruction is a virtual masterpiece. From the opening track of "War Wolf" a inhospitable and relentless barrage of pagan inspired songs of resistance ensues leaving all in its wake devoured by the seriousness of it all. Darken, the man behind Graveland, has once again surpassed his peers in the Black metal/power metal genre. Only if Enslaved, Cradle of Thilth, Children of Bodom could dream of making music like this.A positive element of Graveland's music is Darken's pro-white stance. Many with a conformist streak have refused to listen to Graveland because of Darken's advocacy for a future for the white race. That's sad, because they are stubbornly missing out on arguably the best metal around right now.
The second track off of Fire Chariot of Destruction, "River of Tears" is an incredible journey of lyrical and musical emotion, guided by a stern motif of respect for the dead.
Perhaps the only slight negative about this new CD is that the final mix is just a tinge muddy but it does not take away in the slightest from the over-all enjoyment of this excellent release.
Graveland have done it again!

Review by: MikeGrant

Regardless of the fact that this guy did not have toy soldiers as a kid so he needs to worship the swastika and believe that he is a real ancient warrior, Darken is able to make beautiful epic and moving music. But he also makes terribly dull records. Like this one.

Review by: nefando latebroso

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