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Absolutely excellent album of heathen-black metal. Well, maybe it should not be called black metal, given the fact that is slow, and keyboards bear a lot of the load of the whole album. The melodies are simply great and they get you involved in an ancient past of epic splendor and majestic and nostalgic poaganism. There are only a few things that could be criticized. One is that tye album is long and therefore not the whole lenth shows the same quality, the second is that the programmed drums sound too artificial and that substracts part of the essential atmosphere of this record mentioned above.

Review by: latebroso

What a great album!Graveland's "Memory And Destiny" is definately my favourite of the latter day Graveland material but not too far from the classic early material either (In musical quality!Not style).This album is absolutely packed full of pagan spirit and conviction.Listening to a song like 'Fate Of Warrior" or "Jewel Of Atlanteans" puts you out there on the battlefield where the action is.Words cannot really describe the qualities this album possesses.A masterpiece of epic pagan metal!10/10

Review by: Ruun

Good riffs and synths are effective and nice vocals etc,but the drums are fucking annoying in the fact that its a drum machine,which sounds way fake.But dont let that get to you,still a very good album from a consistently good band...

Review by: -Vomītzodīak-

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