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This album is great!!!
Honour is a new epic black reveletion!

Review by: fabiocan

This Split is worth a look.

Honor are like pagan/folk with gruff vocals...melodic and sung well in polish tongue.

Graveland as always are on form ..3 epic songs with Darken and Capricornus on top form. HAIL ARYAN METAL!

Review by: carcass_alex

graveland were and always be patetic with there so called "evil" music and there nazi image "we are so evil" in ather words stay a way from this crap.

Review by: midvinter2

This is a very good album! Gravelands song are slow with epic melodies and darkens great voice are nice! Honor is a polishm ns band that played regular skinheadmusic before. Their music has sertanly changed. They are nice to! Midvinter2 Suck my fucking dick your fucking communist!
YOU ARE PATHETIC and FUCK YOU FAGOT! Hail Darken his work of pagan heathendom is fantastic! ROCK THE REDS!

Review by: tompa88

Honor is no epic black, you shit-heads.
That's an old polish ns band that changed it's music lately.

Review by: morthir

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