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they have changed there style to turn to be more aggresive..awesome alt death ,black voc with a awesome backing keyboard to build up the atmosphere.....i am a fan for graveworm since there first album..and this is a very recommended addition to my collection.

Review by: Ancient

this album is the unic wath i was lisent of this band.
is realy good material.
one very good pice of black-goth

Review by: bafomet

This album is a solid release, with an hybrid style between technical black metal and aggressive death metal. This band really found his unique path, leaving a pure black metal sound with a "Cradle of Filth" keyboard style for a more intense, emotionnal and atmospheric metal. All the songs are really well built, creating a flowing sound that brings you lot of feelings to mind. Still, even if the songs always go in the same direction, the rifts and the arrangements are really well done, so you're not bored after a few listens. However, if you are a fan of Cradle of Filth you might find this album not very accessible, and if you are a symphonic black metal adept, you might think this is too soft and flowing. Personally I'm really not into Cradle and I prefer by far technical and symphonic black, but I really liked Engraved in Black.

Review by: Catharsis Erratique

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