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amazing pagan metal their best work ever!!!

Review by: midvinter2

The first black metal album i bought and it's still one of my favorites! all hail the mighty Hades! you can really feel the pagan spirit flowing throughout this album, almost see the heroic battlefields before you! Introducing with "Pagan Triumph" the albums goes forth into slow majestic hymnes like "Hecate" and "the ecstacy of an astral journey" only to go a little bit faster in "An oath sworn in Bjorgvin"... i can not name a "best song" because every song is a masterpiece! but if you want my opinion, "The spirit of an Ancient Past" really takes you back into time! this is an album with a lot of atmosphere and made me crave for more Hades-music and blackmetal! The album ends with "In the moonless sky", a soundpiece which took me to the norsk woods and is best to be played on a stormy autumnnight :-)

Review by: Caelis

Metallian (1994)

Review by Joel Grevost

Somewhere far away, in a land named Norway, in the year
1030 ... I was walking with a heavy tread after long hours
under the under the falling snow, and there wasn't a single soul in sight ... The endless howling of wolves more then the temperature were chilling me to the bones, and suddenly between the dark shadows of trees, I saw a village. I walked heavely toward a house from where I saw brightness, in the middle of the village, and I could suddenly hear folk music coming from this imposing building. I opened the door expecting a popular live party, but to my big surprise, after crossing the threshold, what I thought to be a medieval music band came out to be an assembly of four yelling fierce young warriors brandishing wierd instruments!

I quickly noticed that my presence would only be an
embarrassment for this pagan ceremony. Yet the glances
quickly passed and a deep relief filled my body. The local
beer was flowing and the residents became more talkative
I was exposed to the tales of pagan triumpf of the glorious
past of the northen land, it's spirit ... and this strange music slowly penetrated my senses to transfix my soul through it's dark worrying atmosphere ... HADES ... the medieval era rose from it's ashes! Glorious again, the northern land shall become! ... and the strength of the pagan ones shall arise!

Review by: jørn T.

fuck Emperor. this is the shit.

Review by: ttong

This is 1 of my all time favorite black metal cds i got it way back in 95 and its still just as good today as then.I love the vocals they are some of the most intense ive ever heard only Norwegians can sing black metal like this.Again Shall Be is to me the best track on the cd but if you dont have this cd fucking buy it you wont regret paying for this believe me.

Review by: bmet666

I loved that shit and still do. I was surprised when first listened to it. I just expected anothel 'pure cult' from Norway. What I received was great Pagan piece of slow pagan dark metal. It's like a conglomerate of Bathory's 'Hammerheart' and Samael's 'Worship Him'. If you like dark metal this is a must!

Review by: manos

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