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This album left me speachless, totally different from anything i've heard, very creative, very brutal, very melodic. Just go buy any cd from this band and you'll understand.

Review by: donomaniaco

Hello, this is a true gothic-metal!!!!!... this cd is a Masterpiece of this genre!!!... all totaly music is perfect, the female voices, choirs, all atmospheres, I canīt really describe it all, is the beeessssstttt!!!!!... thank HAGAARD....

Review by: Northvisions

According to me this is the only Haggard-record...
It is complete and the best record I ever heard by a band in their genre.

Review by: bomboare

This Album is the best! I had never heard something like this! Haggard is the master in symphonic metal! i am from mexico and i love Haggard, its music is pure art! :D

Abelini Wolff!..

Review by: Abelini

I think it's one of the best cd's of Haggard. its's very special indeed, but it really deserves your attention. I really like "De la morte noir" 10/10. just buy it!!

Review by: enigma

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