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This is undoubtedly the best of their albums.... lots of classical/opera- influence with many classical instruments such as chello, piano, violins, obo.... etc... sometimes it's very soft and almost angelic to listen to other times it's harsh and terribly sad... I love this band! If you like Lacrimosa or\and Therion you will definately love this band...


Review by: Raistlin_The_Mage

Well, the evolution here give us a more orchestral Haggard, with more streght, more melodic, but laddies this shit is fucking great. This style is really excellent.
Now, if ya like this, well see Estatic Fear "Somnium Obtumn"
May be the only bad shit, is that this could be more dark.

Review by: Arthaghen

I am always trying to aware of symphonic metal shit but Haggard maybe did one of the best symphonic metal album so far. also the most crowded metal band adding to the session musicians. You can make 6 groups when you splitted them out :)
nice stuff even though its a symphonic shit


Review by: semitrust

I hate doing this but in its most general form, I would Clasify this as symphonic metal or Gothic metal. Kids this is undeniably one the best bands not only in respect to the music but the lyrics as well. The lyrics are pure and dont have that over saturated feel some bands might have at times. This is the only album I have listen to and it is AWESOME! Some people might compare them to Lacrimosa or Therion but I think they are beyond that. I would say more closer to Therion but less monotone. Name the classical instrument and it's got it. If you wanna listen to something, you have to listen to this.

Review by: marcodametalfan

With "Awaking the Centuries" Haggard finally developed its huge potential to the full. While the metal content is perhaps lower than in the previous releases, this one is complete and perfect. Too bad it's so short, but it certainly does pack a lot of atmosphere and power (also thanks to the excellent vocals). This album has proven that Haggard is in a league on its own. And I certainly wouldn't compare this to any gothic band. Neoclassical might be the best description, but that doesn't begin to describe how good this really is. By the way, this is an excellent album to introduce fans of (neo)classical music to metal.

Review by: sarcasticon

I Realy Like that Album, is the best album of HAGGARD
Awaking the Centuries... The Final Victory.. oh.. that's exiting...



Review by: emrkiller

a good album, nothing to say.........but there something I hate about it, and about every metal album like this, it can be resumed in 1 word: MANIERISTIC.

Review by: o

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