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That album must be considered Haggard's most ambitious project to date. Musical writing and "orchestration" are more complexes than on Awaking... by quite a few steps IMHO. And they did not surrender their metal inheritage to achieve that.
For sure, those who only need kick ass riffs and drumbeats might find there is quite a few supernumerary instruments... I'm not.
If I die tomorrow, I want this album to cross the Styx in my pocket. ;-)

Review by: Trokoshea

After a long time Haggard comes back with this album and make sure that is worth the wait. No other band mix medieval/classic music with metal as intergrated as Haggard.
Therion is most famous for the mix of classical music and metal, but Haggard goes further. Classical instruments are just as important as gitars.
The vocals are that of the leader of the band (grunt) and the sopranos. With them the band consist of 18 members!
The only downsite of the great masterpiece is that Haggard's originality is gone on the third album. I likes as if you listen to the improved mix of the first to.

Review by: aegirson

That album was like an apocalipse to me.Thanks to Metal Hammer I discovered it.Guys if you like symphonic metal here is your think.Just fuck Therion and listen to this masterpiece of a band which while isn't as famous as Therion is clearly much better.In this album you can listen to classical music mixed perfectly with metal and a perfect soprano.It is goin' fukc your ears!!!!

Review by: gothic priestess



This is fucking shit!!

crap!! crap!! crap!!! crap!!!!

Don't buy this album!!

yu'll lost your mony on this!!!!

SHIT!!! SHIT!!! SHIT!!! SHIT!!!! SHIT!!!



Review by: prince of darkness

excellent album... haggard is one of the most representatives bands of authentic gothic metal, fantastic melodies full of grand orchestration and medieval feeling... excellent music... excellent metal... hail to haggard!!!!!

Review by: northvisions

This is a great album, but i think "Awaking the Centuries" is better...
This album sounds more comercial... i don't know but I Like of anyway.
Eppur Si Muove is a great album


Review by: emrkiller

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