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It's good album, but not as great as their previous 1997/1998 releases, but it beats the last EP and album more than twice. Especially because of songs like "An Eternal Belief", "The Shining Delight" and also the title track "Redimus". Well, there's only one thing I really miss about them, and that's their first vocalist and Ex-Cradle of Filth bass-man Jon, who did a great Job on "Upon Promethean Shores (Unscriptured Waters)" in 1995, because his vocals were awesome and impressive. Nowadays it's just average Death Metal, though it's better than "Kings of Chaos" and "Miasma".

Review by: Angeluz

other then a few good parts, this cd is absolutely pointless. it's not original and not well thought out. even after changing to "death metal", u can still hear the cradle influences, which without a doubt isnt too new and interesting. and what the fuck is up with that attila mock at some point. and number ten is ridiculous. only decent sont is the sixth one (and even it sucks).

Review by: Nekro_Kultiis

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