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I have read alot of bad reviews about this album in the past but I don't think it's justified. I often hear it compared to a cradle of filth nock off but I don't agree. although the music is nothing ground breaking it is one of the most intense records i've heard to the point that I can't sit still when listening to it. if i was to put this on in my car I would end up killing myself from driving so fast.

Review by: seyone

just a year after their awesome debut hecate enthroned slughter what remaines from our black souls and unleash this black metal master piece into the darkness.
fast black metal with keyboards and amazing drummer.
this album is one of the best black metal album ever!!!!
john vocals are even better than dani's!!
best songs in tne cd "Beneath a december twilight"
"The spell of the winter forest"
if you haven't heard it yet go and get it now or be foever damned!!!!
all hail hecate enthroned

Review by: midvinter2

People, you HAVE to listen to 'Beneath a December Twilight' and 'the Spell of the Winter Forest', they are simply beayond beautiful. This is a masterpiece, there's a plenthora of totally gorgeous tracks. It's a shame it's so underated, because truthfully is one best BM albums I have ever heard, it's truly sad.

Review by: supercalme

This album is absolutely majestic! The instrumental parts are very gloomy and sound like if you were in the infernal depths!!! At first i thought it was a cradle-like band but after a few listenings i changed my mind: indeed you can hear some cradle infuences but the spirit is darker and there is also much acoustic guitar which is not existant in cradle... if you want to try this album try the three first tracks and you'll love it for sure!!! these three songs are really outstanding!!!

Review by: blackno2

Hail in Beautiful putrescence and blackest Demonicy. This album is purely a Black masterpiece, nothing more needs to be said, This is probably the greatest album of all eternity, especially, "Beneath a december twilight"
It can not be hailed high enough in the swathes of utter darkness it spews out so wonderfully.

Review by: Malignant_Chaos

May the Furious Cygnus Starwinds Infintely, on their Black Gales Storming the Skies and Bleeding them Winter Twilight, That Bark and Tear down the Gates of Heaven, Shall Come Riding on thir Viscious Enchanted Darkness, The Bleakest, Most Beautiful Requiems, Songs of the Greatest Majesty and Demonic Grace....An Album Named The Slaughter of Innocence, A Requiem for the Mighty.
This is a Masterpiece Among the Infernal Catacombs of Beauty in Darkness and Sepulchral Transcendance, The Masterpiece of all Masterpieces, This is my Opinion is THE greatest Album of all Time, There is no Second where this Work of Absolute Diabolical Glory Strays from its Greatness and Destructive Mastery. Most Mentionably "Beneath a December Twilight" "The Spell of the Winter Forest" and "Within the Ruins of Eden" This Will Truly Be Hailed Among the Highest, As a Great Time in All Black Metal. (It Slays all the Bastard Wretches who DARE say it a COF Copy, Fuck you all and Rot in the Abyss of Magog Agog)
Lord Uhriel

Review by: Nightshades_Pantomime

Do you like COF? These guys must be pretty fond with them because everything they do is a shitty COF copy.

I hate COF, and these guys are even worse.

Fuck the people who gave this an 8 rating.

Review by: Hardboiled

Shit, I was wrong, it's actually a 9/10!

What a bunch of tasteless dicks.

Review by: Hardboiled

i'm not in agree with all the people that seed that hecate enthroned is a cradle of filth copy, hecate enthroned has their own style, with melodic parts, acoustics, dark sound not vampyric, fast songs, great studio work i gave to this album a ten

Review by: blot

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