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cradle of filth little brother with their debut album of satanic black metal raw,evil and just awesome.
the only band that can be compared to cradle of filth and in the future will even kick cradle's ass.
recommanded to erey black metal fan.

Review by: midvinter2

this pathetick cradle look alike album should burn in hell! and midvinter2 can youre spelling sucks hard! eat my shit...

Review by: tompa88

hecate is by far the best black metal ever.... all you idiots who compare this to cradle, listen to jon and the rest, and believe me, you are gonna weep!!! hecate enthroned, nobody will ever be on these guys level, ever!!! and once and for all that dont like hecate listen and weep!!!!!!

Review by: chane

It's a shame when a band writes a great album, instills it with a bit of magic, and then gets landed with the old "you sound like a rip off of *insert band name*" routine.

So let's ignore that for the moment - this is a fine British black metal band, and on this their debut probably achieved the best recorded work of their career.

Certainly helped by Jon's distinctive and atmospheric vocals (brilliantly executed whispers, and good growled lyrics) - Hecate Enthroned were never the same once he left - the music is both memorable and hummable (if that's a word) without losing it's cold, dark vibe.

Very cool artwork too! Worth seeking out the version of the CD with 2 extra tracks on it if you can.

In short - not Cradle's little brothers, soundalikes or any other spin-off: a strong band who stand on their own two feet and who made a shining start with this album back in '95.

Review by: dai

Still can't figure out what’s the connection between Cradle and Hecate?! damn! nothin! This guys are better ;)

Review by: dark-girl

This album kicks ass!Brilliant and moody songs , fantastic lyrics , beautiful Cd cover.It is just as good as ,,Principle'' or ,,Dusk'' from Cradle.If you don't like the new CoF albums this is what you need !!!!

Review by: rotted

this band sucks-cradle of filth bloody copy

Review by: iudicium

this has got to be the cheapest cradle of f(ag)ilth ripoff ever..
have you ever seen the videoclip to "..promethean shores.."
if thats not uber-gay then i dont know what is..
these guys are some gothic-black -metal fags, who dont use their own creativity...
even cradle of filth is better than this.. get dusk an dher embrace instead!!

Review by: shadespawn

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