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for me the best from this band... They took all the good stuff from previous few albums and mixed with a more prog sound and mada a masterpiece! The slower stuff is amazing, but the regular death Hypocrisy is amazing on this one as well. All in all, you must have this one!

Review by: BO!

It was inevitable that Peter Tägtgren would grant us another masterpiece from a band that wasn't reffered as of now as a first class death metal act. Hypocrisy always did their thing without giving thougths as to know if someone ever care for their material, Peter following his vision of metal with a lapse of 2 years between their last studio record, 'The Final Chapter', which was supposed to be exactly that, the final touch to a solid band who always delivered the good no matter what. But then it surprised a lot of metalhead who didn't really care about this band before, because this album could very well be the strongest record Peter gave us ever. This album is granted with great performance from a technical point of view (kind of impressive for a band who almost never rehearse) and the songs are nothing short of amazing. Fewer fast songs than the usual, what we have here is trash mixed with melodic death in traditionnal Hypocrisy fashion, and Peter's voice is incredible. Not a weak moment on this, the songs are varied and memorable. My favorites tracks are 'Apocalyptic Hybrid' (which totally kills) and 'Reversed Reflections'. It's like the piece that was missing for this band after the Abducted album and the Final Chapter, and if you don't know a lot from them I suggest you start with this one: you won't be disapointed.

Review by: arckangell

I love this album, purely because it sounds like Hypocrisy, but has many pleasant suprises on the way. Opener "Fractured Millenium" sends shivers down my spine every time I listen to it. This isn't Hypocrisy's best release (that honour would probably have to go to "Abducted" or "The Final Chapter"), but is a must for all fans of the band or the old-school Swedish sound.

Review by: The Monk

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