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If you like old school death metal or even new scene black metal, then you'll love this debut from hypocrisy. Its without a doubt one of the best Hypocrisy albums to date. check it out. you wont be dissappointed.

Review by: sicksixtysix

This album contains some pretty straight forward and unoriginal death metal, but the songs still holds high quality and leaves no headbanger sitting still. Songs like Suffering souls, Left to rot and Take the throne are instant classics. The production on this album is good but the toms on the drums sounds fucking terrible, just listen to the beginning on God is a lie.

A must for your collection!

Review by: Norrlands_Guld

It is a very powerful album, boring some say, but i don't think so... there are some tracks that brokes the usual musical line of the album

Review by: En Mørk Horison

the most brutal hypocrisy album, I bought it a long time ago... It took time to appreciate it...sometimes It feels a little bit synthetic, and sometimes the voice is too loud compared with the music..., but now I love it, I allways tought this was their second album, but i was wrong.

Review by: veenlijk

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