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this album is not metal. it's very far from metal actually. but that does not make it less good. ice ages is one of the guys in summoning's (can't remember who) sideproject, and it's a good one to.

since i kinda like this sort of music there is not much i can complain about, the vocals are strange but nice, the music is monotone but it fits well with the style of the album. this album is a little better than "strike the ground" and i sure hope to hear more stuff from this band in the future

a great synth/industrial release 9/10

Review by: homo

Protector's band (from Summoning,for those who doesn't know..if there're some).I'm not his fan really,but I like everything he does.Should I mention that when I found out this album I knew that I'd like it?
The album is pure synthetic.The sound is mechnical.I never knew synthetic music can be THAT grim and gloomy.It seems there's no sensuality,but yet there's plenty of it.Everything is in the voice,in intonation or in its absence.Just take Lifeless Sentiments or Lost in Daze or This Killing Emptiness or Heartbeat.The music looks like glass, ice--it is transparent,clean,but extremely cold.I think this album is a little bit more complicated than the first one and therefore a little bit more interesting for me.Although I must admit that there're some decent and worth listening to songs on the first album too.Back to This Killing Emptiness
I like the drum sounds here,those blasts.To be more exact the used instruments/effects and the combination of sounds.
So to sum it up I would disagree with some people who say that metal is the most agressive style.Some metal bands can seem quite "fluffy" in comparison with the agression of this band.I think it is a real masterpiece!

Review by: Zmei Gorinich

Ice Ages is truly a perfect name for this band. Entirely electronic in its approach, with vocals that sound as though they were sung in a forgotten ice filled cavern. Listening to this music gives the feeling of being cold, alone, abandoned, frozen, and sometimes trapped. The music is hard hitting and brutal, with bone crunching synth which is top notch. I believe that the most amazing aspect of this band is the vocals. Some of the most haunting I've heard. This is a great album, well worth checking out. 9/10

Review by: Khendric

Protector is basically the Jesus of music. He has returned to save all of us with his utterly mechanical, coldvoid side-project. Nothing is better than this. I repeat, nothing is better than this. Listen to it while drinking a fine glass of motor oil. Better yet, listen to this while watching Top Gear.

Review by: TheWelkinAtDusk

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