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angle rectums do bleed!

Review by: unicron

This album sees Impaled Nazarene developing in their sound. Alexi "Wildchild" Laiho of Children Of Bodom on warguitar.

Review by: tadeboy

Hahahaha, what a crappy album. The worst product i have ever heard. Ever heard of bass?

Review by: euronydead

Without any doubt... the best song of the album is the first, Cogito Ergo Sum..

Review by: Nocturno Fenriz

this is somewhat a weird album, but i like it. it´s very fast and aggressive, and the intolerant lyrics rule supreme, duont know if there a bit ironically, but they´re really fitting the music and can make you also smile:

"Why should we tolerate pansy faggot shit
Not even in an animal world male sucks male dick

Crawl back under the rock you faggots came from
This is real fucking world, fuck you rinferior rights!

Zero tolerance, no fucking rights
Monkey fucks monkey, punishemnt is A.I.D.S.

It is disgusting!!

Listen you fucking homo boys, your time has come
And if you are a lasebian, you still got a cunt to rape


Review by: Keller

laiho contribution to the songs is clear !
stilla great albun , one of my favorites.

the main atraction here is the lyrics all of them are pure work of a genious

dont download this poser, buy the fucking albun ! and read the lyrics !

Review by: Sad Spirit

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