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Great Impaled Nazarene album, like them all are.
Total nuclear metal.

You should buy this album, you wouldnīt be disappointed.

Review by: black_fog

extreme black metal!! blast beats all the time!!!!
has a great atmosphere!! sound more raw then any other IN of the best ever released from then...

Review by: Sad Spirit

Well, I was very curious about this release after reading some reviews, finally I got the Cd and what can I say... Itīs one of the most hilarating albums I ever heard... There are good songs, well played black metal, but I only like this album because it sound as it is Beheritīs Oath of Black Blood with a better production... either way Beherit has better song and at least they do not sound that silly...
a nice album after all...

Review by: xibalba

the evil roots! a masterpiece!

Review by: conqueror

GREAT Album!!!!
THE best one!!!
I recommend to listen to it while masturbatin!!! Yeahhhh
So harddddddd, i like it!!!!

Review by: dark-girl

allmighty classic ! the beggining of the end !


Review by: Sad Spirit

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