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fucking sick, primitive black metal, ala mayhems deathcrush, with a different, less noisy sound, blast beats all the fucking way!!!!! best song is probably the 1st one, kicks ass!!!!!

Review by: theexorcist

Primitive black metal some raw atmosphere, some grind core inlfuencies can be noted general is a fucking great black metal albun, Sadhu Satana for sure is the best one!!

Review by: Sad Spirit

This is on of Impaled Nazarene's best efforts. Togerther with bands like Beherit, Blasphemy and Demigod, "IN" created a more raw and aggresive style of BM. This album has some strange electronic detail's witch can also be found on later Beherit albums. All in all this works really well. This is a very good album in every way. I think than any "true" BM fan should own this!!! I can recomend getting the original version, the artwork is much better!!!

Review by: werwolf

speed of this band their drummer playing?or is he a drum machine? hahah

Review by: Beyto

This is a definitive of the genere, no doubt about it, itīs funny when you realize that some of the best BM albums didīnt came from Norway, along with Beherit, Finland saw this band release this excellent album, Blasting drumming, simple melodic riffing, this is the best from the band, at least when they wanted to do old fashioned BM you gotta hear this to believe it. Sadhu Sathanas!!!!!!

Review by: Xibalba

This albun change my life !

Sadhu Satana is probably the ULTIMATE CLASSIC OF BLACK METAL FOR ME ....

the atmosphere on this albun is unbeliveble

Review by: Sad Spirit

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