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As I type this review 'For Funerals to Come' sounds in my stereo...
Mmmm...thinking about 'For Funerals to Come' 'Brave Murder Day' and those old stuff, I can't believe this people playing in Viva Emptiness are the same. I know, it's always the same, people saying:These bloody narrow-minded fans...bla bla... All in all, I found this album pretty good produced but also uninspired.

Review by: jhva_elohim_meth

Viva Emptiness shows a more varient and mood changing Katatonia than in the previous releases.
The sound and feeling is much less monotonic, so anyone who thought their work to date was boring, will be surprised to hear this release...
The album contains 11 amazing melodies that sweep you all the way through mixed with electronic sounds which are combined well and contribute much to the songs, though you should not worry, they don't take over...
It's also surprising to hear Jonas singing in a lo-fi style in "Omerta", which is one of the album's highlights.
It ends with a great instrumental track that can be associated with their doomy past, and it is indeed a great ending.
Like every other Katatonia release, it takes time to sink in, and like every other Katatonia release, it is goddamn excellent!!!!!

Review by: CreatorofBla

Very solid music ~ somehow similar to the last album, but much heavier, and I love the kick ass guitar riff of this album. Although the style is different from the early release, it's still not a bad change, still a very successful album as Katatonia hasn't disappointed me yet.


Review by: Ahlan

Viva Emptiness is simily breath-taking, 11 tracks of beautiful melodies but at the same time energetic guitar crunches. I love all of Katatonia's releases but I would have to say that Viva Emptiness is one of their better developed albums, it just has a smooth flow to the cd like you wouldn't believe, I strongly recommend the tracks Ghost Of The Sun, Criminals, Will I Arrive and Omerta...even though every track kicks ass.

Review by: jason_tdo

I don´t have words to explain what this album makes me feel.........

Review by: pepe

This like katatonia's previous album last fair deal gone down is also great. It just have great songs. There isn't one bad song on this album. The style is still the same just like on last fair deal gone down and tonight’s decision. However I still think that it sounds different from the previous mentioned albums. This is also truly a great album. Go buy it now.

Review by: illnath

Katatonia's new masterpiece is awesome and breathtaking, after few listens to it i found it quite enjoyable and offcourse the guitar riffs take you to another world. also the artwork is very suitable with the music, it just "Clicked" with it. no more brutal vocals, yet more mature. all the tracks are great, and independant. offcourse the Ghost of the sun track is a very good "Prologue" to this album, also the In the city of glass is very good as the "Epilogue" for this masterpeice. some great songs are: Criminals, Burn the Rememberance, espicially the last guitar riff, just wonderfull, One year from now, Evidence, and Omerta. offcourse the rest of tracks there are also wonderfull, i am just saying my favorites out of this masterpiece. a must buy for every Katatonia fan.


Review by: iNfernum

Viva Emptiness is the one of best Katatonia album I have ever listen.Especially Ghost of The Sun is excellent work


Review by: crmson_

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