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I don't know why so many have a problem with this release. This was my favorite Kreator CD until I heard "Violent Revolution." "Renewal"'s first five tracks flow together very well(and are ALL great!), like you're almost unaware of when one tracks ends and the next begins, yet when they're through you're keenly aware that your metal needs have been well met. I don't get track six,"Realitaskontrolle", which seems to be just a collection of industrial noises or something, but I don't care because I like the last three tracks. "Zero To None" is quick hitting and relentless. "Europe After The Rain", and "Depression Unrest" both have something valuable to offer any serious thrash fan. So why does every review I've read about this album end at least somewhat negatively? I for one won't jump on that bandwagon, "Renewal" kicks ASS!!! Unless you're metal must be all speed all the time, you'll love this album, trust me I'm a REAL metal fan(read"OLD").

Review by: BKRMTLHD

I cannot really understand why some people don't like this album, it is as good as any of Kreator's classic Thrash CDs (except Pleasure To Kill, maybe). Great guitar riffs, great drumming, vocals that you have to get used to but that are good as well, and few Industrial-like samples that fit the songs really well.

Review by: the_patriarch

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