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It took me a few listens to get used to guitarist Sami Yli-Sirnio's style, but now I am forever hooked on "Violent Revolution". This release has no bad tracks, with "Bitter Sweet Revenge" being the only one I avoid during my daily perusal of this masterpiece CD. I swear I hear elements of classic Slayer and Maiden throughout, and that is NOT a bad thing. Standout tracks for me are numbers 1,3,6,7,8,9,11. Kreator just went from one of my favorite bands to undisputed #1 status. My only dilema is how to get some other CD into my home or auto systems. KREATOR UBER ALLES!

Review by: BKRMTLHD

FUCKING THRASH METAL!!!! You can stille smell the leather and the gunsmoke.

Review by: skinlab

Vivat, KREATOR returned to previous sounding with "Violent Revolution"! Indeed, the album is real revolution in bands' history as it turned back to roots of true thrash metal but with technical parts kinda of technical death metal. Besides, the album "led" me to live show of the band in WOA 2002. Yeah, I saw the gig of my faves of old days at last... Long live KREATOR!

Review by: Birute

if you don`t like trash metal, you don`t like kreator neither, cause i say: KREATOR are the kings of trash metal.Violent revolution is, in my personal opinion the best KREATOR album ever, has evething: (speed, very good riffs, a little bit heavy, exellent lyrics.)as trash metal must advise: go and get it AT ONCEĦĦĦĦ

Review by: obsidian

this is definitely the best kreator album ever! imagine their older albums like "coma of souls" would be 10 times heavier and you know what this album sounds like! there is no bad song on it, only "good" (bitter sweet revenge and system decay) and "perfect" (the rest) ones. mille's vocals are more powerful than ever before and the guitars add very much to the typical kreator atmosphere: they create a world full of pain, misery, anger and desperation. BUY OR FUCKING DIE!!!

Review by: the_patriarch

this album is in the same vein as extreme aggressions,and coma of souls. it has everything that makes kreator what they are known for. i sort of lost hope for this band before this came out because they were changing their style with lower vocals,and with renewal being "different"
from the typical kreator style. this album is everything you could want if you like the albums mentioned above.
go get it if you don't have it. you won't be let down!

Review by: celtic legions

this is what kreator should have done from the beginning of their great career, this is the way things should return...

Review by: o

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